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More detailed examples From our Board mining process


Creative thinking example : We recently held a meeting  for a company looking to invent a new type of mobile phone. The board members wanted to use the session to see what the people in the room might come up with. We used a jolt technique to help them think more creatively. This meant using a process where we used unexpected imagery and forcing a link back a mobile phone. The imagery we gave them was a YoYo.


There were a lot of blank stares around the room. After analysis however, they concluded that one of the benefits of a YoYo was that it somehow powered itself, or had its own energy. They then applied that logic to a phone. Their idea was a mobile that powered itself and didn't ever need charging. They figured that if watches could be self powered just with the use of kinetic energy, so a phone could be powered by energy captured from the normal rocking of a phone carried in a pocket or handbag. No more charging flat batteries...ever. 

Business improvement example : This session was completed for the board of a national retail brand based in Melbourne.

The first order of the day was to discuss and agree the desired EBIT model linked to store numbers for 2020. To do this we took a fresh look at the acquisition strategy and established/agreed targets and why. We also unpacked other financial models (e.g shared services) for increasing EBIT that didn’t depend on increasing store numbers so dramatically and agreed to appoint an internal working party to define further potential solutions. We identified the potential of the Chinese market which was then agreed as an exciting business opportunity with proper planning.  A  retention strategy was discussed, analysed and endorsed for further input and timings and responsibilities were assigned.

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