Background and critical research


Stage 1 - Surveying

We spend time researching the attitude of the board, including learning about its internal chemistry and dynamics. We invest time with the Chairman discussing and refining the single most important objective for the session. We might also request a meeting with the CEO or other people in the organisation for more background. More.

    Digging deep

The board meeting

Business Meeting

Stage 2 - Digging deep
Typically we would follow on from the formal part of your board meeting and deliver the Board Mining process as the next agenda item. We create a detailed timetable with allocating time and goals for each portion of the meeting. This is done to the nearest 5 minutes to keep things strictly on track. We have a number of exercises we can go through to stimulate the participants, born out of years of experience stimulating and extracting creative thinking from groups. More

Reaping the value

Results and recommendations


Stage 3 - Reaping the value 
A report of the meeting is created with a particular spotlight on the deliverables. This is then circulated to the group and becomes a reference to judge progress, both collective and individual.

We would also usually agree a

follow-up meeting to check progress points and change or update
the plan as needed. 

How we do it - This is our three stage process.

We find our clients often have very different needs, so whilst we have a process to deliver results, 
we don't adopt a one size fits all approach. We do however apply our creative thinking techniques wherever possible
because we know
 their capacity to transform a business.