Adjusting to a new Chairman.

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

There are several adjustments that need to happen when a new company Chairman is being appointed.

Accept : The company will change. And so it should. Good leaders are dynamic and will do things differently. What’s more, don’t score every new move they make against what previous management did. That’s as unconstructive as measuring a new partner against your first love.

Accept :  Every leader makes mistakes, even the much-lauded Steve Jobs. His business talents are applauded globally (who hasn’t been to a facilitation session where Apple or Steve Jobs’ names came up as a point of reference?) but he also stuffed up. For example, The ROKR E1 which PC World named one of the 25 worst tech products of all time.Then there was IPOD socks, an idea that stank from the start. 

Accept : It’s time to reset roles and responsibilities. Directors need to sit around the table as equals and the special relationship between the Chair and directors must be preserved. What can happen in these situations is that responsibilities get carved up between the Chair and deputy Chair. Watch out for this because having another layer of authority can cause problems if not handled well.

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