Recent BOARD Meeting outputs 




Output snapshot 1

Goal: Galvanise the board of a not-for-profit to unite behind a clear strategy for fund raising

Outcomes:  A high-energy session resulting in clear agreement regarding the key activities and responsibilities of individual directors (supporting the GM). A corollary of this was the renewed commitment and enthusiasm of directors, who agreed that momentum had been lost.


Output snapshot 2


Goal: Create a plan for the company to be sold and get buy in from the board. 

Outcomes: Set expectations of sale price, realistic and extended. Planned activity needed to attain sale price and gain key stakeholders agreement. Set roles, responsibilities, timings and budgets.


Output snapshot 3 


Goal: Define strategic direction 

Outcomes: Identified the major market challenges and internal forces hindering the current position.Defined future strategic options. Set roles, responsibilities, budgets.


Output snapshot 4 


Goal: Establish and grow a fan base

Outcome: Directly challenging the Sydney FC’s board’s assumption that the “build it and they will come” approach would be sufficient. This led to a radical review of business (notably marketing) strategy and a whole different focus for a nascent organisation.