We help the board give better, more valuable, strategic guidance to executive management.  


With over 200 board meetings behind us, Two Brains understands that a board meeting should always make a productive contribution to the business it represents. Unfortunately this isn't always the case. It can cause significant disruption to executive management, who deserve better, more constructive feedback than is sometimes given.


That's why Two Brains exists: we're a business consultancy focused on maximising the way businesses operate by mining the talent in your boardroom. To do that we put our collective boardroom experience and creativity to work on your behalf to uncover the nuggets which can transform a business.


With over 30 years of experience running creative departments, we have the right tools to tease out the little gems of thought which can be invaluable. These are tools which have been successfully applied in some of the worlds least creative industries.


Lastly, we have a robust process which refines thinking and makes sure what we do makes a difference.




Our board facilitation program is outcome-oriented. We work closely with the CEO and/or Chairman to identify the specific business outcome needed.  We will single-mindedly chase that agenda by planning a meeting in detail that will engage and focus the minds of participants. We believe that every company situation is different so each facilitation session is bespoke.


Some of the areas we can cover 

  • Developing company vision, purpose and values

  • Growth strategy

  • Cascading strategy to teams

  • Measurement framework and protocols

  • Innovation and ideation workshops ( including building a
    culture of innovation)

  • Leadership team development 



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